Long Lasting Paper Straws

Stay ahead of changing laws and regulations for disposable plastics by switching now to our Servewise® paper straws.

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Reduce plastic pollution with our durable yet biodegradable alternative. Our paper straws naturally break down over time, making them safe for envioronment and marine life.


Our durable paper straws are manufactured using sustainably managed, non-GMO forests.

Durable & Eco-Savy

Our paper straws last a minimum of 4 hours in cold beverages without unraveling or losing shape.

Food Safe

Our paper straws are certified compliant with FDA, EU, LFGB, and BRC regulations. Also, our straws are certified BPA free, certified Gluten Free, unlike plastic straws.


A. 5.5" Paper Cocktail Straw - Black
Pack 2400 pieces
ASW003BKM28 unwrapped


B. 7.75" Wrapped Paper Straw - Black
Pack 2400 pieces
ASW001BKM28 unwrapped
ASW002BKM28 wrapped

C. 7.75" Wrapped Paper Straw - White
Pack 2400 pieces

Make the switch to Paper Straws today!