Front of the House® (FOH®) designs and manufactures functional and extremely durable dinnerware, tableware, serveware, and buffetware for the food service industry.

As both designer and manufacturer, FOH® is confident that our products will meet your highest expectations; we’re proud of our manufacturing capabilities, and we only offer products that exceed stringent quality standards.

We are pleased to offer this Product Confidence Pledge designed to take the worry out of your purchase. Our Product Confidence Pledge lets you know our commitment to quality is top notch.
If you experience a problem with one of our items under
normal service conditions* and have used the product in accordance with our use and maintenance instructions, please contact your local sales representative or FOH® Customer
Service Specialist.

We reserve the right to examine all claims to determine if performance issues are from misuse or manufacturing defect, and if we determine there’s a manufacturing defect,
we will replace the pieces at no charge.